Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sisters Quilt Show: PMQG Exhibit Deadline April 23

Sisters Quilt Show 2012

 *Updated deadlines below * 

PMQG will have a special exhibit at Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show again this year. The show is on Saturday, July 12. We have room for 16 quilts (maybe more), which will be selected by a jury to best represent the range of modern quilting done by PMQG members.

To submit a quilt for the PMQG exhibit

Send an email to Gail Weiss ( with PMQG SISTERS SUBMISSION in the subject line. Please include the following information:

1. Your Name
2. Phone Number
3. Email Address
4. Quilt Name
5. Quilt Size
6. Quilt Description
7. Three photos (one front / one back / one close-up); no bigger than 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels.

Entries for the PMQG exhibit are due by APRIL 23  May 2.

Note: only current PMQG members are eligible for inclusion in the special exhibit. (Not a member? Join us!)

Entrants will be notified whether their quilt has been selected by April 28  May 7.

If your quilt is selected for the PMQG exhibit:

  1. Register the quilt on the Sisters website by May 1 May 9, choosing the SPECIAL CATEGORY option. Here's all the information on how to register.
  2. Pay an entry fee of $5 to PMQG to cover shipping costs. 
  3. Drop-off locations and dates will be announced soon!  

If your quilt is not selected for the PMQG exhibit:

You can still be a part of the general quilt show! Just register on the Sisters site any time before June 1. 

Hope to see you--and your quilts--in Sisters! 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Pincushion Swap for April Meeting

Faux Cathedral Windows from Diary of a Quilt Maven

Everyone needs another pincushion, especially if it's super cute!

We'll have a pincushion swap at our April meeting (Thursday, April 24). Here's how to participate:

1. Make a pincushion.

2. Put it in a brown bag. (The mystery makes swapping more exciting!)

3. Bring it to the April meeting.

4. Pick a bag and get a pincushion to keep!

Need some inspiration? Here are some pincushion tutorials to get you started. Share the links you like using the blue button below!

Double Tulip paper-pieced pincushion from

Jar pincushions from Doodle Craft

Also, try looking through your sewing books--they often include pincushion patterns.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Medallion Along: March/Round 2

Round 2: X Blocks

Before beginning this round, be sure your quilt top is currently at 20.5 inches. 
The March round consists of (24) 4.5 inch “X” blocks. 

Step 1: Stitch the Blocks

Make 24 blocks in either Option A or B.

Option A:  Paper Pieced X Blocks

Elsa's Medallion, Paper Pieced

Option B: Traditionally Pieced Blocks

  • For each block cut:
      (1) strip 2 inches by 6 inches in your X fabric
      (1) strip 2 inches by 7 inches in your X fabric
      (1) 4 inch square (sliced in half on the diagonal) in your background fabric 

    • Sew each side of the two pieces of the square to the six inch strip, centering the pieces on the strip. Press the seams to the outside
    • Slice the block on half on the opposite diagonal and insert the 7 inch strip. Sew back together and press the seams to the center.
    • Square the block up to 4.5 inches 

  • Stitch 24 blocks and then go to step 2

Mary Ann's Medallion, Traditionally Pieced

Step 2: Make the Borders
  • Sew your blocks into 2 rows of 5 blocks and 2 rows of 7 blocks.
  • —Attach the rows of 5 blocks onto the left and right sides of your medallion. Press seams outward or open.
  • —Attach the rows of 7 blocks onto the top and bottom of your medallion. Press seams outward or open. 
  • —Your medallion should now measure 28.5 inches! 

Tania's Medallion, Paper Pieced

To Further Customize your Medallion, Try:
  • —Making your traditional pieced blocks with “wonky” cuts (remember to cut more generously sized pieces of fabric to start with.
  • —Using a “Stitch and Flip” method on the corners of Option B to make it look more like Option A (start with a small square, pin to corner of block, stitch on diagonal of square and trim to 1/4inch).
  • —Making only 20 blocks and including 4 cornerstones of solid blocks or your choice of pattern.
Anne's Medallion, Traditionally Pieced with solid Cornerstones, 
and X strips were reduced by 1/2 inch before sewing

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Book Review: The Modern Applique Workbook

I was pretty excited to review The Modern Applique Workbook by Jennifer Dick, since my experience with applique is pretty much limited to fusing and raw edge applique. The book is 135 pages long plus pull-out patterns in the back of the book.


The main methods used in this book are freezer paper applique to turn the edges, which the author prefers over a needle turned edge, and zigzag stitching with invisible polyester thread.

Trees, pg. 93

Although I was excited at the mention that scraps are great for applique, since as quilters pretty much all we do is create scraps, the later statement that applique fabric must be pre-washed quelled that excitement a bit. I'm a firm anti-pre-washer (mostly due to laziness), and washing scraps is not going to happen. It certainly makes more sense to use scraps if someone has already pre-washed all their fabric, though.

Fall, pg. 111

The beginning of the book starts out with an introduction, lists of tools needed and reasons for pre-washing fabrics. I was surprised when I got to the actual freezer paper tutorial; although I had a vague idea of how to applique with freezer paper, I didn't realize that the shape was sewn on with the paper still in (which is later removed from the back)!

Geese, pg. 107

Besides using the aforementioned invisible zigzag stitch, the author also gives many examples of other ways to use both straight and decorative machine stitches to applique the pieces down.

Even before making it to the Projects section of the book, I was in love with the Mod quilt pattern that was featured on the inside cover. I felt that it was perhaps a better example of a "modern" pattern than the pattern chosen for the cover of the book.

Mod Quilt, pg. 70

I also was drawn to some of the simpler, more organic shapes such as "Flame,""Birds," "Trees," "Geese," "Fall," and "Fish." I would definitely make these patterns and love the graceful curves shown in them.

Birds, pg. 81

A few patterns I was not as crazy about--the aforementioned cover pattern "Star Bright," which is just a bit busy for me, "Kisses," which I feel could easily be made with regular piecing, "Baskets," which reminds me of my most disliked traditional pattern, and "Cascade," which is made of simple circles and frankly, shows a lot of mistakes in both stitching and quilting in the picture.

Cascade, pg.101

Overall I think the technique described is one I would definitely go back to time and again, and there are more than enough projects I love in this book to make me want to own it.

One lucky PMQG member will win The Modern Applique Workbook at our meeting this Thursday!

Thanks to C&T Publishing and Stash Books for the chance to review and give away a copy of this book.

Monday, March 17, 2014

March Meeting Reminder

Scrappy notecards made at our most recent Sew Day! 


Thursday, March 20
7:00 p.m.


The meeting will be in the community center, which is behind the main church building. There are two parking lots.

What’s in store:
  • Presentation on Color Theory for Quilters by our own Cath and Kelly
  • A hands-on color theory activity
  • Fabric for the PNW Modern Metallic challenge (it's yummy!) 
  • Lots of great giveaways
  • Next round of the Medallion Along
  • Show and tell
  • Cupcake potluck celebrating 4 years of PMQG!
  • Post-meeting socializing at the Radio Room 

Don’t forget to bring: 

  • Fabric scissors and glue stick, for our color theory activity
  • Name tag-- paid members who wear a name tag will get an extra raffle ticket! (Here's some inspiration if you want to make one--or just wear your PMQG button.)
  • Your PMQG membership card
  • Your 2014 Medallion Along quilt-in-progress 
  • Cupcakes for our cupcake potluck
  • A mug for coffee or tea (we’ll have hot beverages on hand!)
  • Your quilts for show and tell, of course!

Important Reminder:

As announced earlier, we are now charging non-members to attend meetings. The first visit is free, but after that each meeting is $5. Guild membership is $40 cash/check or $41.50 credit, payable at the meeting. 

All attendees: to speed up the entry process, when you arrive at the meeting, guests and members renewals will be in one line and members will be in another line. Please have your PMQG membership cards out so you can be checked in and receive your raffle ticket(s)! If you forget your membership card we will also have a membership list to check.

Modern Domestic discount:

Modern Domestic has a deal for PMQG members on the day of the meeting: buy a yard of fabric, get a free fat quarter of your choice!  They're at 1408 NE Alberta—just down the street from St. Andrews Church. 

Other Upcoming Events:

Monday, March 31, 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Modern Domestic
Come help make quilts for Camp Erin, the retreat for grieving children!

We hope to see you at the meeting! 

Questions? E-mail us at