Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Motion Quilting

Do you free motion quilt on your home machine?
Do you love doing it?
is your machine portable?
Are you coming to the next meeting?

If you anwsered yes! Leave a comment and let's talk!


  1. Oh, thanks for this! I need to e-mail you about the video options I talked to Stan about. I'll do it now.

  2. I'm coming to the meeting (wouldn't miss it!!) and wish I loved machine quilting. The truth is that it stresses me out a bit. I'm fine with straight lines, but meandering curves make me break out in a sweat!

  3. Kristen MacDonaldJuly 28, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    I free motion quilt on my home machine!

    I love doing it!

    My machine is very heavy, but I have a strong back!

    I am coming to the next meeting! You can email me at

  4. Yes, Yes and Yes! I love free motion quilting :D When is the next meeting? I may be able to come.

  5. I can't come to the next meeting, but I do love free motion quilting. Maybe I can come to another meeting though.

  6. Yup to the free motion quilting... I'll be at the meeting too.


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