Monday, August 16, 2010

Giveaway at PMQG Meeting 8.19.2010

Hi all-

Since our next meeting is all about quilting on your home machine, I thought I'd put together a little giveaway to help out one lucky person!

To win: come to the meeting and put your name in the "hat"! That's it!

Giveaway PMQG

Included in this is:
1 package of 90/14 Organ Needles
1 pair of hot looking blue grip gloves
2 packages of curved safety pins for basting
1 70 byk 90 Warm and White Batting (this was originally in our 1st giveaway that was won by Alison of Cardygirl. However, since she had already won a prizes and lives in Australia,she graciously donated it back to us. Thanks Alison!)

Again, make sure to RSVP and come spend a few hours learning and sharing ideas on Free Motion Quilting and Quilting at home!


  1. I have those exact same gloves. They're awesome!

  2. hot looking like they'll make you sweat or they are the height of quilter fashion? See you Thursday!

  3. I would love to win the gloves, I have lost mine.


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