Monday, September 27, 2010

Sewing at Modern Domestic Saturday Oct 2nd

Hey everyone, Saturday is sewing night at Modern Domestic.
Bring your UFO's, WIPS, or even start a new project, maybe a pin cushion!

I'm sure I'll make some kind of yummy snack.

Sewing is from 6-9
Date is 10.2.10

Come on down for some fun sewing with your fellow quilters!
Modern Quilt Guild @ Modern Domestic


  1. I wonder if I could get my Castle Peeps all cut by then?

  2. I like the site redesign. Looks nice!
    I am hoping to make it. Need to figure out what I want to work on though.

  3. I'm planning to be there! No whammies!

  4. Have company coming but I'd like to be there... will have to see if I can sneak out for a couple of hours. ^.^

  5. I'll be there with my BFF from Seattle! Who actually first taught me to sew...

    Hoping to work on something easy so I can chat and sew!


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