Saturday, October 15, 2011

Modern Quilts requested for Stitches in Bloom quilt show

Hey Oregonians, a show of quilty goodness is coming to Silverton right in the middle of winter, when we'll need it most. Mary, the show coordinator, says she would love to see lots of modern quilts in this January show.

Read more and find links for quilt entry at the Oregon Garden website. The deadline is January, so there's plenty of time to finish up whatever you're working on now!


  1. On thier guilds page they say they have four vendor spaces at the show that are open for the first four guilds to submit 25 quilts OR - or you can split the space with another guild and submit 15 each. Maybe we could do that?

  2. It would make me SO happy to have a 25 quilt presence from you wonderful modern quilters!
    -Mary, Stitches in Bloom Event Coordinator

    also, remember that the quilts only need be new to the show. I know lots of you have beautiful quilts that are already finished. If we've never seen it, it's new to us!


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