Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Let's Swap with VMQG!

At our meeting last week, we announced that we are hosting a new swap! We are going to swap with the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild (in British Columbia) pouches. Here are the guidelines: 
  • Make a handmade zip, snap or drawstring patchwork pouch
  • Finished size should be somewhere between 4x4" and 8x8"
  • Bring your finished pouch to the May 17th or June 21st meeting
  • Projects will be shipped in a group, so please label your pouch with your name and the name of the recipient
  • If you weren't able to sign up at the meeting, but would like to participate, please email portlandmodernquiltguild@gmail.com by MONDAY, APRIL 30TH, the following information: 
  1. Name: 
  2. Email: 
  3. Blog/Flickr:
  4. Five words to describe your style
  5. Favorite and least favorite colors
  6. Anything special you want a pouch for?
We hope that you'll join us!


  1. Heather, thanks so much for the information; when can we expect to receive our swap partner information? By the way, the pictures/images do not appear on my computer...

  2. I second all that yamhillgardens said…

  3. Hi Patty and Katie, I'm in touch with the Vancouver (BC) MQG coordinator who's collecting names, and we'll pair everyone up after the April 30 deadline - so you'll get your partner sometime next week! Then you have til June to make the pouch and bring it to the meeting.

    I can't see the photos either, I'll let Heather know!


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