Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meeting Tonight At PCNA

Room 205

Fabric dyeing with Elizabeth of Oh Fransson.
Several giveaways
Introduction of a new segment
Show and Tell

In regard to Show and Tell, please bring whatever you have to show off.  I have a few quilts in progress that I'll bring.  For this I'll bring some batting to stick up. Know that you don't have to have something complete to show it off!  The process is half the fun!

See you all tonight,


I'll leave you with a few teaser photos!


  1. Okay, the first picture and the final picture have me drooling a little. Can't wait to see things live and in person!

  2. Drooling as well! Wishing I had time to whip something up before the meeting to show off... see you all there!

  3. Beautiful! I don't have anything to show either, will just have to admire everyone else's goodies!


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