Thursday, February 20, 2014

Upcoming Challenges and Exhibits

At Tuesday's meeting we introduced a new Mini Quilt Challenge that ties into our Quilt Knit Stitch! exhibit, as well as a second way to enter the exhibit. Also this week you may have heard about the newest MQG Challenge that is coming up. I know that's a lot of information to throw at you all at once, so here's further explanation for all of these things:

Michael Miller Glitz Modern Mini Quilt Challenge


The challenge: Make a modern mini quilt with your Glitz fabrics that has dimensions that are in between 12" x 12" and 24" x 24." So, any single side is at least 12 and up to 24. It can be rectangular or round or any other shape as long it is smaller or equal to 24" x 24."

The sponsor: Michael Miller Fabrics

The fabrics: Michael Miller Glitz fat eighth fabrics you received at Tuesday's meeting. You may also add in any Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids. No other fabrics allowed. If you missed that meeting we have a limited number you may pick up at the upcoming Open Sew days at Fabric Depot or March's meeting. First come, first serve.

Who can enter: Any PMQG 2014 member who receives a fabric pack

Entry Details: Enter the challenge by bringing your mini quilt to the PMQG April meeting. If you cannot make the meting, please make arrangements for a friend to take it for you. Quilts that are not chosen to appear in the Quilt Knit Stitch! exhibit will be returned at May's meeting. 
  • All quilts must be labeled: A cloth label with the title of the quilt and your name, address, and telephone number must be sewn on the back of the quilt. The information on the label can be applied with embroidery or any other permanent means.  Do not use a water-soluble pen.
  • Quilts must have a hanging sleeve. Find information on how to add a hanging sleeve here.
  • Please take pictures of your quilt before you submit them to PMQG. If your quilt is chosen, you will then need to fill out an online form with info about you/your quilt and include a picture of the quilt.
Remember, these quilts are due at the April PMQG meeting. Please DO NOT bring them to the March meeting, we will not be accepting them yet.

The tags:  If tagging your pics on FB, IG, Twitter, etc these are some tags you can use: #pmqg #pmqgglitzchallenge Also please be sure to tag @MichaelMillerFabrics

The Exhibit: PMQG Modern Mini Quilts

PNW Modern Metallic Exhibit at Quilt Knit Stitch

Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen Metallics, courtesy Michelle Freedman

The challenge: Create a quilt that is maximum size 48" x 48" that features metallics: in fabric, thread, theme, etc. Interpret the metallic challenge as you see fit!

The sponsor: Robert Kaufman Fabrics

The fabrics: Members can receive 3 Fat Quarters of Robert Kaufman metallics fabrics. However, you may make a quilt that does not include these fabrics to enter into the exhibit. Fabrics will be passed out at an upcoming meeting after they are received by the officers.

Who can enter: Members of PNW guilds and MQG individual members who live in the PNW

Entry Details: Quilts must be submitted to the Quilt Knit Stitch staff for consideration in this exhibit by May 2, 2014. Please see the exhibit page for full details on how to submit and other dates.

The tags: If tagging your pics on FB, IG, Twitter, etc these are some tags you can use: #pnwmodernmetallic #‎quilterslinen‬ ‪#‎quilterstussah‬ ‪#‎quiltersburlap‬
 Also be sure to tag @RobertKaufman

The Exhibit: PNW Modern Metallics Exhibit at Quilt Knit Stitch, which takes place in Portland August 14th-16th.

MQG Fabric Challenge


The challenge: TBA

The sponsor: Michael Miller Fabrics

The fabrics: Michael Miller fabrics that will be handed out at a meeting after they are received by the officers. (But you don't have to use all of the fabrics)You may also add in any other Michael Miller print or solid fabrics.

Who can enter: This challenge is MQG-wide. PMQG members who receive a fabric pack may enter, and MQGs all over will be doing similar challenges

Entry details: Entries will be uploaded to the MQG site between March 2014 and June 23, 2014. More details TBA

The tags:  If tagging your pics on FB, IG, Twitter, etc these are some tags you can use: #mqgfabricchallenge Also please be sure to tag @MichaelMillerFabrics

The prizes: 3 winners  will each receive a posting on the Michael Miller blog and “A year of Free Fabric.” Every month for a year winners will receive a “Goody Box”  filled with fabric from Michael Miller's newest collections.


  1. A couple of questions re the Michael Miller Glitz Challenge. I need more of the dark blue fabric. Which specific color is it so that I can order it?
    Also, I used a non-Michael Miller fabric from my stash for the back. Am I disqualified?
    Thanks much. TamG

    1. Hey Tam, the dark blue is Cotton Couture in Midnight. As far as the back fabric, it's not ideals since the rules were only to add Cotton Couture, but if it's a solid it's probably ok. I'd have to check with the rest of the officers but since it's on the back I don't think it will be a problem?

    2. Thanks for checking. Unfortunately, it's not a solid. :( I read the instructions several times, and finished everything but the binding, before it occurred to me that it might apply to the back as well. Oh well. I'll bring it for show anyway.


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