Thursday, July 21, 2011

Meeting this Thursday! AT THE PARK!

This Thursday is our picnic meeting!
We will meet at Laurelhurst park in SE Portland from 7-9. We are Picnic Site E between the pond and the restrooms off SE Ankeny Street. Don't worry, it's not hard to spot quilters in the park.

Questions and answers:
Is there a backup plan for rain? Yes. If it rains we will meet at PNCA. We will make the call by 5:30. If you are in doubt, check the blog. We will update here by 5:30 if we are going into rain mode. It's not raining! See you at the park!
Can I bring my family? Yes!
Should I bring food for myself? Yes!
Should I bring a picnic quilt? Yes!
Will there be drinks? Yes! Of the non alcoholic type.
Can I bring my own single serving alcoholic beverages? Yes! BYOB beer and wine only are permitted in Portland Public Parks.
Will there be show and tell? Yes!
And also...paid members can pick up their fabric for the Jay McCarroll Habitat Challenge!
See you soon!


  1. I have a class Thursday evening and unable to attend the picnic. I am interested in picking up the fabric for the challenge though. Please advise.Thanks!

  2. I also have another commitment but, of course, would love to have the fabric for the challenge. Let me know what works out. Thanks.

  3. Sounds fun! So we aren't doing any potluck style dishes, just food for ourselves?

  4. Love the idea that it's food for ourselves and we don't have to worry about bringing a dish. Though I will be mooching if I see something yummy.

    This is going to be so fun and I can't wait!

  5. I may make it toward the end tonight. Otherwise, I would also be interested in fabric pickup.

  6. It's not looking good out there I hope this Portland weather cooperates!

  7. Any chance you guys will make the call earlier? It's not looking good over here (Astoria) either. Soggy, soggy, humid yuckiness.

  8. We are going to the park see you there!

  9. sun breaks with a chance of torrential downpour again...

  10. Hey all,
    I forgot my water bottle at the park last night. It's a Dutch Brothers clear double walled bottle with a straw. Did anyone happen to pick it up? Thanks for your help!


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