2014 Medallion Along

Instead of a Block of the Month this year, we are doing a Medallion Along! Join us each month as we introduce a new round. Choose a 16 1/2 inch block to be the centerpiece of your quilt and then join along each month as we present a new round, with options for personalization!  

We will introduce new rounds through September and hope that gives people time to finish their quilts by December's meeting, where we will have a mini exhibition of them. The completed quilts should finish around 74 inches square. The newest post will be linked at the top. Please scroll down for older information.

September/Round 8 
Braided/Woven Look Border

August/Round 7
Strip Pieced "Stitched" Line with Pieced Cornerstone

July/Round 6 with Options
Square in Square Block

June/Round 5 with Options
Simple Border with Cornerstones

May/Round 4 with Options
Flying Geese with Paper Pieced Cornerstones

April/Round 3 with Options
Circles and Lines

March/Round 2 with Options
X Blocks, Paper Pieced or Traditionally Pieced

February/Round 1 with Options
Simple Border with or without Cornerstones

January--Making Your Medallion Center
Center Block Ideas for Medallion Along


  1. Where will I find March info?

  2. Hi Sara! The March round is now posted at the top of this page-- it's the one with the "X" blocks.

  3. Round three, April info can be found where?

    1. Oops! The link is back now Jenn! Sorry, I had problems when I added the newest one the other day and must have deleted it, thanks for alerting us!

  4. Hi! I was wondering when you're going to post the newest row ~ I'm ready to get started!

  5. I don't see the last row ~ the braided one. Is it up and I don't see it?

    1. Hi Elsa, it was posted but not cross linked to this page yet. Here you go:


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