Friday, November 18, 2011

MEETING 111711

• December 10th all-day sew at Fabric Depot 9a–9p, free for members $10 for non-members
• There is a nine-part series on OPB "Why Quilts Matter" airing Monday mornings
DVD available at
• December's Meeting is Thursday the 15th featuring our 2nd annual holiday gift swap and pot-luck!
• PMQG was presented with a certificate from MercyCorps for the Quilts for Quake Survivors project:

• One of our members has started a quilt shop in Vancouver, WA—check her out!

Bill Volkining "Master Piece Quilts"

popular style in the 1850s, over 1,000,000 hand quilted stitches, all cotton, similar to the style Baltimore Album
by Mary Couchman

ca. 1860/70s, "Cross Roads," "modern" repeating patters, densely quilted

ca. 1860s, all silk no batting, feather stitched, not intended for bedding—rather to drape over furniture

1979, Gees Bend quilt, quilters used to put other names on their quilts to avoid being taxed
by Lucy Mongo

ca. 1970s, using 1960s fabrics—all synthetic, experimental, fat bindings, flannel back

1983, "Night Flight," abstracted geese pond

1990, transitions, "Jerry's Garden"

100 doll quilts, post 911, designed them after people she admired

Quilt Storage: if storing for a long time use archival boxes—keep out of cedar chests (can cause discoloring)
NOW is a great time to buy quilts


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  1. Can anybody tell me the name of the lady holding the orange and brown quilt (The one above Elizabeth's?) I need to thank her for inspiring me to make one entirely from my stash... Thanks a lot... Cheers from India MQG!


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