Friday, December 14, 2012

December Holiday Meeting

Our 2012 President Susan Beal giving away Ruby Star Wrapping.

Nancy our little seen Treasurer hard at work renewing memberships for 2013. 

Some of the holiday gifts from our Holiday swap. We had so many this year it was inspiring! 

See all the projects with their recipients at the end of the post. 

We handed out our Madrona Road Fabric for the Modern Quilt Guild Winter Challenge. We will have a post up this week with all the details we announced at the meeting. 

At the meeting this month we also had a raffle. Two of our Cotton Couture quilts were raffled off raising over $500 for the Children's Relief Nursery and Bradly Angle House. 


I shared my quilt for Elizabeth Hartmen for our holiday swap.
A twin quilt top I put together for Hurricane Sandy relief. 

Linda Nussbaum shared her Patchwork Squares Baby Quilt.

Veronica B. shared some finished UFO's, her Baby Spider Web block, 
her Small Spider Wed and Pontiac Star Quilt, 
and lastly her Michael Miller challenge block made into a mini quilt.

Soon to be new Board Secretary (my job) Amber Wilson brought a quilt she designed for her 5 year old nephew. "He has a little attitude thus the "Blah Blah Blah" fabric was a perfect fit". 
Back. Amber is AGypsiSoul on Flickr.

Sara Quigley shared "It's a T-Shirt Quilt". All t-shirts from I think her daughter ACU student. 

Kim Lumapas, future Programs Board member, shared her Hexie Kist mini quilt. Kim is Perfection Not Included on Flickr.

Nikki Paresi brought her Baby Boy Blue quilt, her first quilt!

Rachel shared 3 quilts she quilted for the Guild. We made them at the Seattle Meetup and they will be donated to the Children's Relief Nursery
The Modern Cross quilts are from a pattern in Susan Beal's Modern Log Cabin book. 
The Stitch and Flip Quilt is a pattern from Katie's Quilting Modern book. 

Cherri Langley shared Got the Blues? made using a 4 patch block plus a half square triangle block to make a new block.
She also shared this quilt.

Bill Crane brought his Red and Yellow Barn Raising Quilt. 
Also his Squares quilt.

Kelly Cole shared her Vintage Rework quilts. Made from a huge 16 patch top she cutup and reworked. 
2nd quilt

Anne Woodman shared her Ghastly Quilt.
She also shared Frankie's Quilt her first machine quilting applique. 

Lara Giles shared Penelope's Quilt a baby quilt for a co-worker.

Ale Kloch shared her Christmas pillows 

Cathy Fowler shared her Shaker quilt. 
Also her Modern Log Cabin Crosses top from Susan's book.

Chris Pera brought her Mekong Quilt. A white whole cloth quilt made by women in Cambodia and Vietnam all had quilted. 

Michelle Freedman, our 2013 President, shared Same but Different. For her cousin's new twins. 

Susan Paris brought her Christmas Tree mini quilt. This was made from member Monica's fabric Susan won at a summer meeting. 

Elsa Hart shared Quinn's Quilt. Made with Bonnie and Camille fabric. 

Jennifer Gleich brought her first modern quilt top an Anita Hartmann Design. 

Chelle Casey-Stevenson brought her Summersville Quilt. 

Heather Davidson shared her Vintage Whole Cloth quilt.
Also her finished Eames inspired quilt. 

Jolene Knight shared her Sun Bonnet Sue quilt quilted for her family.

All of our happy members with their Holiday Swaps! 

This is my last meeting recap! I had such a wonderful time being on the Board this year and am looking forward to many more years of learning, sewing, laughing, and swapping with our wonderful Guild. 
Happy Holidays Everyone! 

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  1. Does anybody know what line of fabric the kitties on the pillow (for the gift exchange) is? I love that fabric!


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