Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Medallion Along: March/Round 2

Round 2: X Blocks

Before beginning this round, be sure your quilt top is currently at 20.5 inches. 
The March round consists of (24) 4.5 inch “X” blocks. 

Step 1: Stitch the Blocks

Make 24 blocks in either Option A or B.

Option A:  Paper Pieced X Blocks

Elsa's Medallion, Paper Pieced

Option B: Traditionally Pieced Blocks

  • For each block cut:
      (1) strip 2 inches by 6 inches in your X fabric
      (1) strip 2 inches by 7 inches in your X fabric
      (1) 4 inch square (sliced in half on the diagonal) in your background fabric 

    • Sew each side of the two pieces of the square to the six inch strip, centering the pieces on the strip. Press the seams to the outside
    • Slice the block on half on the opposite diagonal and insert the 7 inch strip. Sew back together and press the seams to the center.
    • Square the block up to 4.5 inches 

  • Stitch 24 blocks and then go to step 2

Mary Ann's Medallion, Traditionally Pieced

Step 2: Make the Borders
  • Sew your blocks into 2 rows of 5 blocks and 2 rows of 7 blocks.
  • —Attach the rows of 5 blocks onto the left and right sides of your medallion. Press seams outward or open.
  • —Attach the rows of 7 blocks onto the top and bottom of your medallion. Press seams outward or open. 
  • —Your medallion should now measure 28.5 inches! 

Tania's Medallion, Paper Pieced

To Further Customize your Medallion, Try:
  • —Making your traditional pieced blocks with “wonky” cuts (remember to cut more generously sized pieces of fabric to start with.
  • —Using a “Stitch and Flip” method on the corners of Option B to make it look more like Option A (start with a small square, pin to corner of block, stitch on diagonal of square and trim to 1/4inch).
  • —Making only 20 blocks and including 4 cornerstones of solid blocks or your choice of pattern.
Anne's Medallion, Traditionally Pieced with solid Cornerstones, 
and X strips were reduced by 1/2 inch before sewing

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